Alchemy-Based Japanese RPG Coming To PS3

Alchemist role-playing series Atelier is making the leap to the PS3. According to the latest issue of Japanese Dengeki PlayStation, new title Atelier Rorona is on the PS3.

The Japanese franchise commenced in 1997 with PlayStation title Atelier Marie ~The Alchemist of Salburg~. The games, best known for their alchemy mechanics, have largely appeared on the PS platform — with a few games showing up on other systems like the Dreamcast, the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS.

A full reveal is reveal is promised for the March 27 issue of Dengeki PlayStation. Japanese retail listings are pegging the game for a June 25 release.

Atelier Rorona: New Title In Atelier Series Teased For PS3 [PS3 Hyper]


    Oh hell yeah! I've been a big fan of Atelier series. I'm definitely looking forward to this installment.

    "Time to be a 14 years old boy trying to save the world while surrounded by underaged girls!"
    Actually, that's not a very accurate description for Atelier. In the last few, your party was composed of a girl who's quite significantly older than the hero, a very obnoxious elf, and old man who's build like a tank (and plays like one).
    Atelier series is old school in philosophy. You won't see the usual jRPG fanfare here. However, expect relatively light story full of crappy humor: The game always packs plenty of that.

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