Alyssa Milano Discusses Her Sassy Ghostbusters Role

See Alyssa Milano discuss her newly revealed role in the upcoming Ghostbusters video games, while trying to avoid imagining her making out with Bill Murray.

As revealed this weekend, Milano was tapped to play the lady part in the new games, replacing Sigourney Weaver, who apparently didn't believe in the project hard enough. I'm having a bit of a hard time imagining Milano as the love interest of Bill Murray's Venkman, partly because Murray is pushing 60, and partly because she's mine, dammit. You think I watched the entire runs of Who's the Boss and Charmed because they were quality television programs?

Check out the screens below, which cover both her cartoonish Wii appearance and her more lifelike PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 incarnation, while I scrawl out some more disturbing fan letters.

ghostbusters screen 20090324 1.jpg

ghostbusters screen 20090324 2.jpg

ghostbusters screen 20090324 3.jpg


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