Amazon Entering Used Game Biz

Following on the heels of Toys R Us, is the latest to retailer to get in the used game business.

Amazon's program is still in beta, but as part of its service launch campaign, the online seller is offering a 10 percent discount on future single game or accessory purchases to those who trade in games before March 19.

Trading one's used games merits credit. Here's how it works:

• Games must be undamaged with manual and original case and be postmarked no later than 7 days after submission.

• Print a shipping label and packing slip, package your games, and ship them to Amazon

• An Gift Card will be deposited into your account upon receipt of games

The buzz at game site Cheap Arse Gamer is that the trade-in values are similar to bricks-and-mortar retailer GameStop, and customers might prefer the instant gratification of doing this in person. But it's good to have options, good for consumers and pretty much good for everyone — save for game publishers and developers.

Amazon Starts Video Game Trade-Ins - Get 10% Off a Future Gaming Purchase [CAG]


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