AMD Gettin' Rich Off The Wii Too

Nintendo isn't the only one stuffing its coffers with cash, thanks to the Wii's continued success. Chip maker AMD is also pleased as punch to be selling gobs of chips—50 million of 'em!

AMD calls the "Hollywood" graphics chip that outputs those eye-blistering Wii graphics "the most successful AMD game console chip to date in terms of unit sales." And we'd think that "in terms of unit sales" is pretty much the only term that AMD and its shareholders give a toss about. Sure, they may care that AMD's stock price has dropped from about $21 at the Wii's launch to two bucks and change today, but don't blame that on the Wii!

Congrats, AMD chip fabrication plant. We bet you have plenty more Wii business to fall back on over the next few years.


    "Eye blistering"? As in, making my eyes blister from looking so good or so bad...?

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