An Updated List Of The Best, And Worst, Street Fighter IV Characters

All men may be created equal, maybe, but all Street Fighter IV characters? Nunh unh. No fighting game can ever have totally balanced characters, and Street Fighter IV is no exception. So who owns/sucks?

Let's. Find. Out.

Before we start, though, a little house-keeping. We saw one of these charts last year, yes, but that was for the arcade version. This one is for the home console version, and it is different.

The chart below (compiled by Japanese gamers, hence the character names) shows how many times, on average, two players of equal skill will win a "best of 10" series using two characters. So, for example, look in the left column at Rose. Line her up with Seth in the row across the top and you'll see she only wins 3 out of 10 times.

While this isn't truly scientific, like the arcade list, don't underestimate the amount of time and work that goes into these kind of things. Fighting fans take this shit seriously.

Street Fighter IV Unofficial Rankings Chart [Capcom]


    i'm GLAD ken ranks 12 but Rose... wow, Rose can't be THAT bad. I agree with the rest though, Rufus is fast becoming a popular character to use.

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