And You Thought YOU Combed Over The Modern Warfare 2 Trailer...

On the one hand, we really should scold Infinity Ward for their interactive Modern Warfare 2 teaser. It's silly. But on the other hand, who can resist the opportunity to go digging for clues?

Not us. And probably not you, either. But where our lack of both patience and Russian language skills brought our digging to a premature end last night, other people have more sticktoitiveness. Like these guys.

Example: we found a submarine and an oil rig, felt quite pleased at the prospect of some Hunt for Red October-esque action and left it at that. But there's also references to jet fighters, tanks, boats, castles, Rio de Janeiro, teddy bears and even the appearance of some mysterious multiplayer perk icons.

As for the stuff the Russian blokes are on about at the start of the clip, that's been translated, and it sounds like the game will - shockingly - feature Russians that are up to no good.

A Comprehensive Look at the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Teaser [Binge Gamer, thanks Paulie!]



    I'll hazard a guess, that it's a perk that increases sprint speed OR length of sprint. speed increase would be cool.

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