Another Look At The Upcoming iPhone Shooter

It's just one more screen shot, but it gives us a bit of a better look at the upcoming wifi-enabled, multiplayer iPhone shooter coming from ngmoco.

The game is also playable over 3G networks and will feature global game servers, according to the publisher. Touch anywhere controls let you use the left side of the screen to move around. You can tap the centre of the screen to zoom and shake to jump.

The game also includes a feature called Call to Help, which allows you to bring up a friend's list in game and send a push notification to join the server.

As mentioned before, the game will also include an in-game store which allows you to purchase weapons while playing for real cash. The example shown during the demo was a rocket launcher for $.99. Please tell me they won't be selling single weapons for a buck. That's sort of insane.

No word yet on when LiveFire will be coming out.

You can see the game in action if you check out the full Apple presentation. Skip to 54 minutes in to check it out.

Apple Presentation


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