Another Pretty Vic Viper For The Space Fleet

You can never be too thin, too rich or have too many Vic Viper spaceships from the Gradius series. That's why it's so easy to recommend the latest, a special Gradius II edition.

Wait. Didn't we already have a Gradius II Vic Viper? My video game space ship spreadsheet is almost never wrong! In fact, we did. Atelier Sai released the classic blue and white painted version of the Vic Viper quite some time ago. Apparently, the profit margins were too attractive not to see the toy maker revisit the craft.

That's why they released the Gradius III version of the ship too.

If you have both, neither, or are simply green with envy that someone else will own this Vic Viper, check in with your local importer. This one's priced at 5,000 yen (about $50 USD) and will release in September. Who knows what the exchange rate will be then...

ビックバイパー グラディウスII版 明貴美加ver. グリーンカラー [HobbyStock]


    Actually all four were released already. I have no idea what this one is though.

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