Army Of Two: The Sequel Now Officially Teased

EA Montreal is expected to announce the sequel to Army of Two next week, a title that we understand is currently titled Army of Two: The Sequel. In preparation, EA has begun teasing the game.

The official Army of Two web site now has the splash image seen above, but little else. The site's meta content, however, features the description "The definitive third person co-op shooter is back" which would certainly imply a sequel. That is, if EA honestly feels that Army of Two was the definitive third person co-op shooter.

Perhaps the only other hint is the game's possible code name "ARMYOFTWOTFD" used on the site's tracking Javascript. That may be purely placeholder or simply code that's not indicative of the final name, but we like to think it is, if only to justify combing through Javascript with our work day.

Regardless, we're hoping that the Kotaku readership will generate winning backronyms on the "TFD" portion of the name, helping us wipe away our case of the Thursdays.

I'll start—Army of Two: Too Funky Dudes!! Yes, with the double exclamation point.

Army of Two [Official Site - thanks, Morgan!]


    TFD?........... "TIME FOR DESTRUCTION"

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