AU Diary: Do You Rent Games?

AU Diary: Do You Rent Games?

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When thinking about Vin Diesel vehicle Wheelman earlier today, I found myself recommending it as a rental. Thing is, I’ve never rented a game in my life.

On reflection, I think it’s because I prefer to have that game available to me at all times. I want to be able to return to it at my leisure, to replay it if I choose to, and not feel like I’m forcing myself to finish it before it’s due back.

But on the flipside, I can certainly see the appeal in being able to experience new releases – even complete them – for a relatively small amount of money.

Do you rent games? If so, why? If not, why not?


  • no
    truth being if i really want a game ill buy it, also your said reasons
    i dont like to rush through a game and seeing as, i now have xbox live multiplayer is also a big part, which means most rentals are a waste of time, doubly so with the fact that if i buy a single player only game, odds are it’s an rpg.

  • When I first moved to adelaide and before I had a stable job i used to hire games alot. Was cheaper than buying them plus i had the time to play the crap out of them, and luckily the blockbuster near me always had new releases. Then after moving to North Adelaide, none of the rental places nearby hired out games (unless you wanted snes or ps1 games) and by then i had a stable job so buying games felt the thing to do.

    So main reason for me was no main rental chain within walking distance, only small video network that specialised in VHS.

  • I think the last time I rented a game was when I rented a SNES console at the same time.

    I don’t rent games because I just can’t plan my gaming 7 days in advance. Unless I choose to have a day off in dedication of playing a game, the time I have available is too sparodic to make a rental convienent.

    I have thought of late that renting would be a good ‘try before you buy’, but I still have a healthy back-log of games I own that I am yet to play. That, and a lot of games have free demos that can be downloaded.

  • I rented quite a lot of N64 games during that period, and rented from time to time last generation as well. I’ve not rented a single game this generation, for two main reasons:
    1) I can afford to buy more games
    2) There’s such a wealth of media released online for most games prior to release that it’s a lot easier to make a judgement on whether or not you want it

    I think renting is a great option if you can’t afford to buy games often. I got maybe three or four games a year for N64, so renting was a great way to play games in between birthdays, Christmases or saving up for the next big title. But who fits this criteria these days? Kids seem to get a job as soon as they hit high school, so they can afford things I couldn’t when I was their age. There you go, a “back in my day” rant from a twenty-two year-old.

  • Yeah I’ve rented plenty of games in my years of gaming.
    I’m not big on playing online, and when I do it’s always with someone I know personally. I don’t know I guess I’m just a bit wierd about playing against someone I don’t know, especially with all the horror stories I’ve heard (and seen on You Tube) about people being verbally abused or totally pwned by some hardcore nut that just sits at home and plays for 16 hours a day.

    Anyway, back to the subject. There’s nothing wrong with renting games there’s plenty of games out there that you’re unsure whether you’d like them or not and a quick rent will decide it for you. Also when Prince Of Persia (the new one) first came out I didn’t have much money at the time and as I love the series I wanted to play it so I rented it. I’m glad I did because I finished it in two days, if I had bought it I wouldn’t have been very happy about spending $100 for two days of play. I did enjoy it but it just didn’t last very long.

    Finally to companies like epic who want to make you pay $20 or something similar to download a code so you can play the last part of a game if you rent it, as far as I’m concerned that is just a cash grab and I refuse to buy any of their games brand new for that reason alone. They don’t do that with movies or music. There would be alot of pissed off people if you had to pay an extra $10 or so to see the end of a DVD after you’ve paid to rent it.

  • @Jake Power

    Thanks Jake, for that heartwarming story. We’ve notified the relevant authorities.

  • I’ve not done it, although I’ve considered it…main issues have been availability (most places near me have a poor range) and the fact that people always seem to treat rental DVDs like hockey pucks, so I’d presume they’d treat games the same way.

    Also, it wouldn’t be so fun having to try to finish GTA IV in a couple of days or else rack up huge fines….

  • Yeah, I rented the new Prince as well. Finished in about 2 days. Cost $6. Usually if I rent something it’s going to be a shorter length action/performer title ala Prince or Wanted which doesn’t offer much more after the completion of the story mode.

  • Never rent, always buy my game. But if you really have to rent games, why don’t you just buy from EB and then return within 7 days??

  • “….When you were eight
    And you had bad traits
    You go to school
    And learn the golden rule
    So why are you
    Acting like a bloody fool
    If you get hot
    You must get cool….”

    I use to rent for my Master System when I was a kid; especially when I didn’t know much about them. Back then you didn’t have the resources to research games like you do today, so hiring was a good way of checking if they were worth buying. I don’t think I would’ve ever gotten to be such a massive Road Rash fan if not for a ‘try before you buy’ set-up.

    Basically, I’d never substitute hiring for buying a game. Since the last couple of console generations I’ve not hired one single game. And like many others, I don’t like being rushed. For me, game playing is more than just ‘getting through something’.

  • Hell yeah i rent games, unless a game has a ton of replay value, or has really compelling multiplayer, i don’t really want to drop $100 dollars on it. much easier to rent it, play it, return it

  • I rented games when I was a kiddie because I didn’t have the money to buy. You could rent consoles too, which let me try the dreamcast before buying. Now I have more money and less time, so I can buy a game and have it for the long stretch of time I need to actually finish it (or forget about it) I did try renting, and a delivery rental service, but they’re all less convenient than my buy-and-forget model.

  • I haven’t rented for years now, largely because I get hooked up on playing whatever it is I grabbed and end up several days overdue in returning it.

    Most recently it was No More Heroes on the Wii – that was only 3 days over. Before that it was Shadow of the Colossus (5 days), Kingdom Hearts 2 (a week) and God of War 2 (only 3 days). With some of the late fees I’ve wracked up it’s almost been better to just go buy the game in question – Yet when I have (eg. Kingdom Hearts 2) I end up not playing it anywhere near as much as I thought I would.


  • I just rented Mad World minutes ago after I took back 50Cent-BotS (not great but freakin fun). Currently I own over 50 games on the 3 latest consoles but still hire a few games a month. Many games are now geared at the casual gamer which are 5-8 hours long and have little to no multiplayer options or community. So in the last month or so I’ve purchased SFIV, Killzone2, MD Sega Collection, Halo Wars, Res 5 – all have great replayability or online community. But I’ve also hired and played through FEAR2, Legends of Wrestlemania, HotD-Overkill, 50Cent:BotS and can’t wait to get into Mad World over the next 5 days.

    Hiring give options to all and at $10 for 5 nights at my local Video Ezy who always stock up on the new releases how can I go wrong? Especially when I’m keen to try out games like Wheelman, Wanted and Eat Lead but have no inkling in purchasing any of these games.

  • I find myself renting games that I just don’t see myself buying/owning. For example, I only just rented Far Cry 2 last friday because I’d always been on the fence. I find that if I enjoy it enough I’ll go and buy it. No need to rush into trying to finish it. I plan to rent resident evil 5 also because the demo didn’t sell it for me. In fact it did the opposite…

  • When I was young I used to love going to the video store and grabbin’ a few titles for the weekend. Me and my brother or my mates would play them every weekend. My parents would really only buy me new games for my birthday or xmas. So i only got about 4 games a year. But even at a young age I was a pretty hardcore gamer so I had to play everything. So even if I didn’t get to finish the game. I got to experience what they were all about. I must have hired nearly every SNES and N64 game that was released. I think I hired Killer Instinct about 6 times. These days I only hire the games i’m not to sure about. Or games that look really fun but have no replay value. Or If there are way to many good games that come out at once to justify spending hundreds of dollars in a small time frame. (Yes im impatient I get everything the day it comes out.)

  • Damn! Of course I rent; I’ve always rented! I don’t think I could call myself a gamer if I didn’t rent. Don’t get me wrong, I still purchase all the AAA titles(and also the lonely singular A titles) but sometimes a game is just a B and is thus just a RENTAL. A game that doesn’t warrant a cool 100+ of my hard earned monies. Renting saves me the dismay of buying a game only discover I’m done with it in eight hours or that it is just plain donkey shite. I mean what other entertainment medium forces such a monetary commitment upon you for an outcome that is so hit and miss?
    The wonderful thing though, is that in my fifteen plus years of regular renting, I’ve probably experienced every single game of the even smallest note… Hell I think probably played every N64 game ever made.
    I can understand a person’s desire to play at his/her leisure
    but to be honest I rarely have trouble completing a game in the 3 day night time frame, especially considering how fleeting games of this generation are. Even if you don’t get everything done in one renting, just pick it up some other time and at the most you’ll have spent 12 bucks and saved yourself somewhere between $80-90…

    Anyway to sum up a rant quickly,

    RENTING=AWESOMESAUCE!!!… quit your bitchin’.

  • I have a pretty chronic habit of buying good games, getting about half way through and then moving onto the next.
    Recent Examples: Fear, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Oblivion, and GTA VI. I would much rather buy and leave them to sit in my collection, rather than rent (or hire) games and potentially save money. I have pledged not to buy a new game until I have completed the others, besides the new Ratchet and Clank… and Gran Turismo 5….

  • well i like to rent games that i think are average like, prince of persia and mirrors edge so that i can then realise that i have wasted my rental money on those games. They are just not any fun at all.
    Renting games, only good if you think a game is avearage but the gaming press says that its above average, most of the time the gaming press is wrong…

  • Yep – rent Xbox 360 games all the time. I’ve saved myself a lot of hard earned by figuring out if I want to finish a game after a night of playing it. I’ve also caught up on a lot of older weekly games by hiring, some I’ve still bought afterwards to continue playing.

  • @ David Wildgoose
    Might be a personal qn but how old are you? And have you always been a gamer?

    Reason being is I have played games ever since I was about 6. When I was in primary school and high school I couldn’t afford to buy games so until it was birthday/christmas time I always rented games. I don’t know your story, but if you have always been a gamer how did you afford not to hire games?

    I haven’t hired games for years now. I’m now 24 and have a stable job so I can afford to buy them. That being said, if i’m ever unsure I just buy from EB games and return within 7 days as per their policy. Why waste 6 bucks on hire fees?

  • I used to rent games, but I haven’t in a long time, I’m not sure when it stopped. Personally I prefer to have games and be able to replay them.

    It seems like a nice idea as a try before you buy scheme, but as buckE said, I just take advantage of EB games’ return policy if I want to try a game I’m unsure of.

  • I used to rent games heaps when I had my Mega Drive back in the 90s, probably rented a few for PS1 and PS2, but as time’s gone on my rental habits have decreased significantly.

    Not sure I’ve rented a game for 360 at all (not that I can remember anyway), and I’ve only rented 2 for Wii – wife was outta town and we’d just got the Wii and I wanted to check out some of the games, so rented Sonic and the Secret Rings, and Super Mario Galaxy (which I almost knew I’d want, but just wanted to test it out).

    That’s really it…

  • i havent “rented” a game since i was a kid (now 31). i now have a well paying job so if i want a game i can buy it when i want. although i do usually buy from eb’s and have used the 7 day return policy a few times. so you could almost call that renting i suppose 😉
    i like to have my games on hand aswell. just to know that if i ever wanna have another crack at a game i can whenever i want.

  • @buckE

    I got into gaming in the early-mid 80s. At home we had a PC and a C64 – no consoles. I doubt it was possible to rent games on those systems, so I relied on my Dad to supply new games. By the time I had a console for myself (I think I picked up my SNES in about 1993) I was earning enough to be buying my own games… or getting them free when I reviewed them.

    So yeah, I’m old!

  • My rental habits are restricted to dvd’s, even thats rare for me these days. Although when i was about 8 years old give or take a year me and my siblings used to beg my old man to rent a snes and he did almost every weekend for a few months where we played 24 hour sessions of mortal kombat and a different game every week. Probably cost him a fortune but it was one of my best experiences of my life. (NO ITS NOT SAD SHUTUP lol)

  • @buckE

    Completely agree. Rented Mega Drive and PS1 games back in school days … then got an income and started buying.

    The only games I ever hire now are party games I know will only ever be played at the end of a BBQ when everyone is a bit trashed – Buzz etc

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