AU Diary: Off To Check Out The DSi

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In a couple of hours I'll be getting my first hands-on time with the Nintendo DSi.

Usually I'd be excited to check out the new games that accompany a new hardware launch. But as far as I know there won't be any DSi-exclusive titles at this media event. Hopefully Nintendo Australia will have some of the DSiWare apps on show, but we'll see. Otherwise, I guess I'll be toying around with the camera, the music functions and just generally assessing the design.

What do you want to know about the DSi?


    I just generally want to know if it's worth the upgrade. I've heard that the buttons feel a lot nicer and so on and that even all the minor updates add up to a much better system. Your take on this - upgrading from either the Lite or original DS - would be great.

    I'd like to know whether the DSi, with it camera and music and such, is even remotely close to stepping on the toes of the iPhone. Apple's gadget is much more fully featured (and expensive) and is becoming a considerable gaming platform in it's own right.

    I work at EB and there was a training night a while ago where you could have a hands on with them. Personally I didn't see the need to go, they've just added a few multimedia applications really...but from what the other guys who did go said, it sounded like even the people there demoing them weren't really interested.


    Can you please ask either of the following

    - 1000 free points for Aussies?
    - DSi Ware lineup and schedule (monthly like Japan or weeklly)
    - Can we link our Club Nintendo account to purchases on the machine?

    Yes only a Nintendo nerd such as myself would care about thoses.

    Danke ;)

    Nintendo had a display of DSis at westfield marion last friday, so i tried one out. The shoulder buttons are definitely better, and there's no more smudging of dirty fingerprints on the case. The music playback (which should be sped up/slowed down/pitch altered) and camera effects were interesting, but they're the sort of things you get bored with after 5 minutes. Unless there are some awesome games coming out for DSiware, i don't really think it's worth the extra 100 bickies over the DS lite.

    I'm only interested to hear Nintendo's justification for charging the same as a PSP for a device which as far as I'm aware does considerably less and is much cheaper to manufacture. Not that I'm a PSP fan in any way, more that I'm an enemy of rip-offs.

    There are a few things actually.

    1. Maximum SD card size supported
    2. How much better the sound is from the improved speakers
    3. If we get 1000 free Nintendo points like the japanese
    4. What DSiWare games will be available at launch
    5. How hotswapping games and the instant menu works
    7. Is the stylus longer than the DS Lite

    Can anybody think of any more?

    How about you get some definite answers about the Game Boy/Advance VC stuff for us ? :)

    Yup I agree. Everything about the DSI doesn't make any gamer I know of want one..
    This move by Nintendo further indicates that they are only interested in Japanesse teenage girls sharing silly little photos of themselves, and not new Zelda games. Ho hum.

    DSi no support for EzFlashV/R4? I'll be sticking to my DSlite thank you very much but fancy buttons and a camera isn't enough for me Nintendo. :)


    1. 32gig SDHC supported (I've only got a 16 though
    2. Greatly improved, in volume and clarity
    3. Looks like we will
    5. Press the power button to go to the menu, will cut ot the game playing or whatever you are doing. Hotswap just shows the cart either in or out on the menu.
    6. It's actually shorter (if memory serves).

    @Bruno - You have to get a new version of the cards apparently. They blocked the old ones but like usual they got around it.

    Hey bennyboy,

    I've had some hands on time with one myself. So I can answer most of these for you :)

    1. Maximum SD card size supported: Apparently SDHC is supported!

    2. How much better the sound is from the improved speakers: Much better! They upgraded the internal hardware for the sound, it's louder than the Lite now!

    3. If we get 1000 free Nintendo points like the japanese: Game store managers across the country have been informed today that yes, we do get 1,000 points!

    4. What DSiWare games will be available at launch: I'm not sure about that yet, but I think it's the same as the US.

    5. How hotswapping games and the instant menu works: It's easy, you remove a cartridge, it disappears from the DSi's menu. Put it back in, and it pops up. It's that simple.

    7. Is the stylus longer than the DS Lite: Yes, but not by much.

    I would rant but I can't be bothered. The DS series is one of my least favourite consoles and I think it's beyond redemption due to shovelware. You can guess my opinion of the DSi I'm sure.

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