Aussie Charts: Double Infection

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Unsurprisingly, Resident Evil 5 heads straight to the top of the Australian sales charts this week. And, curiously, as happened with Street Fighter IV, it was the PS3 version that came out on top.

So why do PS3 owners 'heart' Capcom so much? Resident Evil, sure, aside from a brief affair with the Gamecube, it's remained resolutely a PlayStation franchise. In fact, this is the first RE game to appear on a Microsoft console. Streeties? Not so much, having appeared on almost every console under the sun.

But given there are around 100,000 more 360s out there than PS3s, why are these two games appealing more to the latter?

All Format Full-Priced Games Top 10 for the w/e March 10:

1. Resident Evil 5 (PS3) 2. Resident Evil 5 (360) 3. Wii Fit (Wii) 4. Wii Play (Wii) 5. Halo Wars (360) 6. Killzone 2 (PS3) 7. Mario Kart (Wii) 8. Guitar Hero World Tour (Wii) 9, Brain Training (DS) 10. Mario Kart (DS)


    Why are the PS3 versions on top? Because PS3 owners need something to play, 360 owners have many games to play and so their money is spread more thinly.

    Or something like that :P

    Its pretty simple really. There are heaps of xbox 360 games to play .. so much so youd have to quite your job to finish all the decent games. RE5 looks great and ive played the demo with my friends but we are all hestitant to purchase a game with control issues when theres so many other things still to finish...

    more like 360 owners are both under 18, poor, and waiting for their parents to buy it for them.

    yeah i went there.

    I thought it was because only PS3 owners only buy games if it is good... can't say the same for Xbox owners, right Daniel?

    I'd like to know where all these PS3 owners are? Myself and my housemates all have 360's and PS3's and any cross platform game we get on 360, because honestly Xbox Lives' functionality is superior to PSN. Add to that I worked at 3 different games stores for the 5 years previous to this, and since PS3 launch in 07 I easily sold 360 games at a 2:1 ratio to PS3. Ah well, they are both good although I will say better on 360 because the PS3 versions of both SFIV and RE5 only display in 720p whereas their 360 counterparts display in 1080p which looks much nicer on my full HD Bravia.

    Clearly the myth that the XBOX 360 has a insurmountable user base is just M$ fanboi myth.
    The PS3 is just as lucrative for game devs imo.


    It's hardly a myth: the 360 has a significant lead in Australia, the UK and especially the US. What's interesting is how close the RE5 sales were here and in the UK, and how close the SFIV sales were in the US, according to this morning's NPD figures. Yet a title like Call of Duty: World at War sees the 360 version outsell the PS3 by about 3:1 in North America. Does this support the stereotype of the 360 as a "shooter box"? The PS3 is lucrative for third-party publishers in certain genres, but perhaps not shooters.

    Maybe the Xbox users are just cheapos and can't afford to buy any games

    @ Daniel,

    Get real dude and dun give me that crap! 360 version sold less because xbot downloaded the game instead of buying. simple as that

    Further to what Daniel said ... I know of people (Who own both a PS3 and 360) who buy some games on PS3 because, in their words, they need to justify the purchase of the PS3 by actually having something to play on it! I know how they feel too ... I have about 130 Xbox games and 6 or 7 on the PS3.

    I remember when being a gamer was more united and less bitchy. i have both consoles and i would have gotten the game for the ps3 because i prefer the controller and that its quieter( yeah the noise is an issue for me) funny enough though i got it for the xbox360 cause trade bait was cheaper on 360.And i will still enjoy the game because im a gamer.

    To Pete... I find it hard to believe that that was the only thing that swayed them, I for one weighed up many different things when deciding if I was going to get it for 360 or PS3, rest assured I got it for the PS3, but there were a lot of governing factors... Such as; I was already going to be paying for downloadable content, why the hell would I pay just to play it online? and the PS3 has wireless internet right off the bat, so I didn't waste my money buying cables or wireless extensions for my 360, so if a game can be played online, I'm going to get it on the PS3, and cutting right to my decision maker... Last thing I want to do while playing it online would be to put up with Xbox fanboys complaining about its controls, which mind you never happens on the PS3, yet one of my mates tells me happens constantly on the 360, along with the inability to follow a simple quick time event...

    My guess is that it sold more cause more people wanted to play it on the PS3 then on the 360...

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