Aussie Charts: It's Killzone 2 vs Halo Wars, But Who Won?


Two big console exclusives were released last week. But which one - if any - shot to the top of the Australian charts? Hint: the pic of Wii Fit is just a red herring.

In something of a surprise, Halo Wars edged out Killzone 2 for the number one slot. It was close though. Very close. And complicating matters was the way Sony and Microsoft chose to market their respective console bundles. Sony went with what's called a "hard bundle", packing Killzone 2 in with a PS3, whereas Microsoft opted for a "soft bundle", offering free copies of Halo Wars with a 360 console purchase at selected retailers. Some retailers were also offering Killzone 2 soft bundles as well, just to confuse things further.

All this means is that every copy of Halo Wars - whether purchased stand-alone or in the soft bundle - counts as a software sale towards the charts. But the Killzone 2 hard bundle only counts as a hardware sale, not software, meaning the total number of copies of Killzone 2 walking out of retail was probably more than for Halo Wars. Now there's one for the console war nuts to fight about.

Me? I'm just glad to see House of the Dead: Overkill still hangin' in there!

All Format Full-Priced Games Top 10 for the w/e March 1:

1. Halo Wars (360)
2. Killzone 2 (PS3)
3. Wii Fit (Wii)
4. Street Fighter IV (PS3)
5. Street Fighter IV (360)
6. Mario Kart (Wii)
7. Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection (PS3)
8. House of the Dead: Overkill (Wii)
9, Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection (360)
10. Guitar Hero World Tour (Wii)


    We all know killzone 2 is way better than halo bs anyways. Screw them kangaroo lovers...

    So K2 outsells Halo Wars on its first week... good to know :) Microsoft totally cheated... you cant GIVE the game away and still count it as a sale. Same goes for games like Wii Sports. You cant give that shit away and still show it up against games people have actually WANTED and BOUGHT without being FORCED TO.

    @ The Reason:

    Sony gave away copies of Little Big Planet, Motorstorm, Resistance & Singstar ABBA through Nov-Jan. They were happy to count them then...

    Rather than a month of exciting console wars it was a month of seriously average games. Out of Street Fighter IV, Killzone 2 and Halo Wars, only the last really stood out for me for its control scheme and none of them deserve the ridiculous scores they've been getting. Street Fighter IV was little more than a poor rehash and I'm pretty sure I played Killzone five times over all ready, only it was called Call of Duty. The much applauded graphics just weren't that impressive after Crysis.

    Here's hoping the rest of the year improves for games on consoles. Stormrise and Madworld next month might actually offer something new instead of ANOTHER FPS/RTS.

    does it really matter? as long as they sell enough to turn a profit and they are FUN, who cares?

    btw killzone 2 is pretty neato.

    Wii Sports wouldn't be counted for the same reason as KZ2 - it's bundled in the hardware package. It's WiiPlay that usually gets counted, I guess a Wiimote doesn't count as 'hardware'.

    which generic run-of-the-mill shooter is better??

    Kangaroo lovers! Nah we fuck koalas you fool.

    @ The Reason

    You know Killzone 2 is also currently bundled with the PS3...

    I agree with you, but all 3 consoles are doing it at the moment :)

    Take the hard bundle/soft bundle information, add in the fact that there are more 360s out there due to a year's head start, and Killzone 2 is the clear winner here.

    I could care less who's on top, i'm just happy to see the Mega Drive collection up there.

    This article was ruined when the fanboys came out to play.
    Btw- Kz2 also came with a ps3 bundle.

    Reason and Topekomsi - please stop being fan boys. You cannot even begin to compare these two games as they are in two very different genres of gaming. Saying one is better then the other is really just stupid. The only thing i see that they have in common is that they are both console exclusives that bring out the fan boy in a lot of console owners.

    A couple of things - first off Wii Sports was not free. It's cost was included with the overall console (in Japan the Wii was noticeably cheaper because it was not bundled with the console.)

    Also from what i have seen in the catalogues recently there are more "soft bundles" of KZ2 being offered then of the "hard bundles" being advertised. ( When looking at the Big W, kmart and Target catalogues anyway).

    HOW is Wii Fit STILL in the charts? HOW?!? The Wii is like a freakin' supernova that jumps keeps spewing energy and light out in to the universe, but instead of light and energy it just keeps spewing out Wii-fuckin'-Fit. HOW is this possible??

    I know a lot of it's all in fun, but I can't stand fanboys. Who cares whether a game you like sells 10 million copies or 100? The main point is if it sells well enough to warrant a sequel, and clearly both Halo Wars and Killzone 2 look like they will. Both are obviously good games, and isn't that the main thing? I like seeing sales charts because it's interesting, but that's all it should be - not fodder for fanboy fights over which game is better :(

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