BackGames: Reverse In Plots Games Video


"Pacman fills mazes with dots, pausing only to regurgitate fruit & ghosts." That's BackGames, the latest way to waste time amuse your friends on Twitter.


    Most of the ones in the article are the same. "So and So revives monsters with bullets then goes to sleep."

    So here's one:

    Game and Watch - FIRE:
    "Sadistic Firemen bounce sick babies into a burning building."

    Thanks for the link David. :-)

    @Mr Explody:

    Yes, there's quite a bit of "reanimation" in my comments.

    But I've found some more creative entries in forums around the net.

    eg: Duke Nukem
    Satire of 90's macho action heroes.. assists aliens to invade the planet and offload large cargo of women, while stealing money from strippers.

    Guitar hero:
    You start as a wicked guitar god, rich and famous, and then crippling arthritis takes you down some notches till you can barely play the chords to a halfassed power riff from a band you didnt even like to begin with.

    Wii Fat. Self explanatory really.

    Street Fighter: A group of fighters from all around the world decide that it's unsophisticated to fight in the streets and, instead, opt for office jobs that involve no violence.

    Loco Roco: Large blobby things purge themselves daily in attempt to reduce their size.

    Pong: dots come at the two sticks from all different directions and they must manouevre themselves to dodge the dots.

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