Bargain Hunter: Anyone Have A Good DSi Deal?

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Nintendo's new handheld goes on sale this Thursday. You can read my impressions here. And if you're still keen on picking one up, let's look at who's offering the best deal.

And in alphabetical order, we have:

BigW Standard $299.95 RRP.

Dick Smith Standard $299.95 RRP.

EB Preorder and get a 2GB SD card for the $299.95 RRP. Or you could trade in your DS Lite (no games thankfully!) and pay $175 for the DSi.

GAME Trade in your DS Lite and 2 games (no exclusions, apparently) and you can get the DSi for $129. Otherwise, it's the standard $299.95.

Harvey Norman Preordering nets you a 4GB SD card and 50 free photo prints (of a 0.3 mega-pixel image?) for $298.

JB Hi-Fi If you preorder, you'll get a 4GB SD card and pay $294.

Kmart Straight up $287, with no extras.

Target Easter catalogue price is $297 and comes with a DSi starter kit containing a "memory card, a case and some cables", according to the clueless person I spoke to in an effort to confirm the contents. They couldn't tell me the capacity of the SD card.

Toys R Us Standard $299.95 RRP. But you do get a $20 gift voucher.

Seen any better deals out there? Let us know in the comments.


    EB and Game have the best trade deal (being the only ones) if you're looking to upgrade. Otherwise Kmart have the best upfront price. JB/Harvey Norman and their whole 4GB card is pretty bad, considering Nintendo themselves have said that the most the DSi can safely recognise is 2GB and that anything higher can result in data corruption. lol at the free prints from Harvey Norman though...I'm trading my DS Lite at EB, they're being awesome and pre-charging my DSi for me which is good (at least my store is) because I have a tendency to be a bit impatient and want to use things straight away..

    BigW is incorrect.

    Quoted $288 from last week. Stackable with Safeway's 5% employee card. Westfield Southland VIC

    I'm gona buy a normal DS now.. screw the dsi.

    How about - don't buy one, save $299 and use that to buy some quality X360/PS3 games and smile while the sucker on the tram is looking into a camera to morph his face while you sit next to him using your DSLite and M3 card playing GTA CW....

    Jaded much?

    EB Games at Pacific Fair, Gold Coast has lowered the price to $150 (originally $175) with the trade-in deal. I preordered mine a few days ago and they had around 40 left.

    EB and game are not the only DS trade in deals. Gametraders at Morayfield are doing a similar deal. You trade in your working DS Lite and pay $170 for the DSi. They also do your first pre-played game for half the marked price. Don't forget that you can still trade your old consoles towards it too, such as Gameboy or even original DS.

    BigW have a best price guarantee, expect a reduction in the $299 (or $288) when it released. They did the same thing with GTAIV last year, from memory it was advertised at $88 but they sold it for $75 on release.

    Some EB stores have a different deal to the one listed. Stores that are seen to be in direct competition with another retailer very close by are advertising that you pay $149 when you trade your DS Lite, instead of $175. Worth looking into if you're interested in upgrading, to see if there's one of these stores near you...I know one of the Brisbane City stores is doing it, as there's a Game shop down the hall from them.

    @ MissKoneko:

    Straight from the AU DSi Manual:

    "The DSi supports high-capacity SD Cards OVER 2GB in size ("SDHC Cards")."

    Page 17.

    EBgames in Melbourne, Swanston street are giving away a free DS game withe every purchase of a DSi on launch night (April 1) at 10pm. This means you get a game and 2gb SD card for $299. You could potentially price match too.

    @miggzzz and @Ingram

    Myself along with other employees have called Nintendo and asked them, after noticing JBs deal. Unlike many others, we actually listened at the DSi night when they said it only takes 2GB. Notice i actually said the word 'safely' before, and not literally?

    It really is No game exclusions at GAME

    They also have 'We won't be beaten on trade-ins' so they will match/beat any other trade-in offer - they were happy to do this when I mentioned EB's offers.

    No Game Traders deals?


    That's one thing I like about Game. However being franchised, how much they'll 'beat' it by will vary between stores. I'm surprised about the 'no exclusion' thing though, is that a first for them?

    Just got my reminder email from bigw, $286.


    I would if there was anything worth playing on the DS - I think I stopped getting games after Solitaire Deluxe Edition 23, Mahjong 56, My Virtual Petz 97832 etc

    However all my PS3 and X360 games are originals.. and (sad to admit this) my Wii game are all originals too


    If you asked about SD cards specifically then you'd be correct, most SD cards over 2GB doesn't comply to the SecureDigital Assoc. spec or use the revised 1.X standard. However SDHCs are completely different spec. (2.0 standard) and you'd probably find they start at 4GB IIRC.

    JB Deal is a 4GB SDHC. EB is a 2GB SD.

    There has been a change with some/most/all (staff couldn't confirm) EBgame stores with the DSlite trade in deal. If you trade in a DS lite, you now only pay $149 rather than $179. Because of this, I've put my preorder in there :)


    Game aren't franchised - Gametraders are.

    How much they beat it by I'm not 100% sure - I always find they pay far better on trade-ins anyway so I check EB's for the deals and then go to Game.

    No idea if the no exclusions is a first...

    EB Tea Tree Plaza are doing the DSi for $150 with trade in AND they will match JB and give a 4GB card instead of a 2gb if you pre-order as well.


    Actually no, both Game and Gametraders are franchised. I've talked to several Game managers, even ones from Sydney, and they're franchised. Unless of course you live in a magical land where they aren't.


    "EBgames in Melbourne, Swanston street are giving away a free DS game withe every purchase of a DSi on launch night (April 1) at 10pm. This means you get a game and 2gb SD card for $299. You could potentially price match too."

    This is right on, I got my reminder sms from nintendo today

    I manage a Game store, its not franchised. Its corporate.

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