Bargain Hunter: Buy 360 Accessories, Get Money Back

xbox 360 accessories cashback.jpg

Some great - if confusing - deals on Xbox 360 accessories right now. To begin with, many accessories have recently been reduced in price, including those pictured above. Plus, the guys at EcoGamer have alerted us to Microsoft's just-announced cash back offer.

The cash back deal sees a 20% saving off the RRP of dozens of 360 accessories. Some of the highlights include:
* 120GB Hard Drive - $159.95
* 60GB Live Starter Kit - $119.95
* Wireless Network Adapter - $119.95
* HD DVD Player - $39.95

Of course, I'm kidding about the last one. You can check out the full list of offers on the Xbox website. But note that the dollars off mentioned on the pictured Xbox site's Accessories page don't include the cash back offer.

Xbox 360 Accessory 20% Cash Back Offer [EcoGamer]


    That's really gay, I bought a network adaptor for $150 on the weekend.

    That's not gay - that's just bad luck - most places have been selling them for $130 even before this offer. A little research before a purchase doesn't hurt.

    But what does hurt is needlessly homophobic comments on a videogame news site.. I bet someone who beats you at tf2 or counterstrike is a 'fag' as well huh!?

    1. Was stuck in blue mountains - only one store there that sells this stuff and it is EB games.

    2. Did I really sound like one of those little (and big too!) fuckers online? I assure I'm not. I'm sorry for causing you such offense.
    Unfortunately you know nothing about me and are jumping to conclusions. Wanna be friends?

    Mmm nah, i think that's gay aswell. Bad-luck yes, but more gay.
    Just as gay as it being gay that there are gay people.
    Thats a whole lotta gay!

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