Batman: Arkham Asylum Box Art Revealed

With one Batman game consigned to the dustbin of history, it's left to Batman: Arkham Asylum to cash in on people's rediscovered love of the Dark Knight.

Here's the box art for the game, which looks both suitable rainy and predictably dark. Still a little unsure about those pointy ears, though. He's Batman, not Foxman.

batman arkham asylum boxart 1.jpg

batman arkham asylum boxart 2.jpg

batman arkham asylum boxart 3.jpg


    I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how ######-up excited I am about this game! Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil back again! Woo-HOOO!! =)

    i am am HUGE fan of this upcoming game. But this artwork... meh. The game not only revolves around Batman and Arkham Asylum, but the Joker too...

    I can has Xbox verison plz?

    @ Clocks

    You can has an English dictionary first.

    To all comments: Batman has had pointy ears in the past. Have any of you read any comics?

    @ Tonez
    I uses lolcat dictionary first.

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