Batman: Arkham Asylum Does Games For Windows Live

The official Games For Windows website proudly announces that the PC version of Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum will be a Games for Windows Live title.

This means Games for Windows Live players of Batman: Arkham Asylum will be able to earn Gamerscore points by unlocking achievements, and really that's about it. There's Live connectivity, but being a single player game, Arkham Asylum really doesn't get much of a boost from this.

Still, it is good to see more PC titles slipping under the Games for Window Live banner. Of all of the games released as part of the Games for Windows brand, only 15 so far have been Live-enabled. With DIRT 2, Battlestations Pacific, Fuel, Stromrise, and now Batman: Arkham Asylum all due out this year for Games for Windows Live, the service seems to slowly been picking up steam. Fingers crossed, Games for Windows Live!

Batman: Arkham Asylum coming to LIVE [Games for Windows]


    In my experience GFWL does what other applcations do, such as Steam, but worse. With major connectivity issues (ala GTA4/The Club/DoW2), and it takes 10x the system resources as Steam, but does less. Sure you can keep your gamer score across the pc/xbox, but is it really worth it?

    Atleast leave it an option, unlike DoW2 :/

    "Fingers crossed, Games for Windows Live!". No. Fingers crossed that it dies out. I don't want GFWL in any of my games. I support GFW but dispise LIVE.

    GFWL is actually a great system. I've had no troubles with it and most of the criticism I read comes from people who do the whole "Micro$oft" thing and generally so distaste towards anything microsoft.

    I don't dislike Microsoft at all but I absolutely despise GFWL. I've only used it on GTA4, Fallout 3 and Dawn of War 2 and it's terrrible. Half of my friends that were going to buy DOW2 didn't because of GFWL and the broken GFWL matchmaking. The other half that did buy DOW2 had troubles setting up GFWL and needed a walk through it all.

    same here, i had to get with rockstar and they then told me to get with microsoft who THEN TOLD ME TO GET WITH ROCKSTAR after i bought GTA4 the day after it came out. That system is royally farked. It does work better now, but i wasnt allowed to play my game, because it wouldnt validate me "being online" altough i was obviously. Same happens to steam occasionally tho, they seem to have the bugs worked out having had it for longer. But if your not into fixing constant problems you shouldnt be playing games on a PC anyway.

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