BioShock 2 Doing All Three Platforms At Once

Rather than the staggered release of the first BioShock, 2K plans on a simultaneous release across all three platforms for BioShock 2.

Speaking to CVG, a 2K spokesperson has confirmed that the plan is to release BioShock 2 on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 at the same time. This is great news for PlayStation 3 owners, who had to wait nearly a year for the original game to show up after the PC and Xbox 360 versions were released.

2K also told CVG that details on BioShock 2's multiplayer component would be coming "soon enough". Soon enough for whom, however, remains to be seen.

BioShock 2: "simultaneous" release [CVG]


    Phew. I thought they were gonna release it on the Wii for a second there. Not that they shouldn't release Bioshock in some way or form on the Wii. I just didn't want Bioshock 2 dumbed down so it can be on a Wii.

    @ t-rocket - me too!

    'third platfrom, what third platform, surely they don't mean wii'

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