BioWare Celebrates Dragon Age Novel Release With Screenshots

BioWare celebrates the release of prequel novel Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne with a handful of screenshots from their upcoming PC role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins.

See, books do not contain pictures, which some would say is part of their charm. This particular book, written by veteran video game writer David Gaider, has many words, generally pertaining to Prince Maric gathering a rebel army to take back the throne after his mother is murdered, which is good, because this is what the novel is supposed to be about.

What it doesn't contain are pictures. You have to make those with your mind. Luckily for you, BioWare has sent some along to use as reference. Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne is available now in trade paperback form for $14.95. Might want to write that down before the pretty pictures mesmerize you.

dragon age screenshot 20090306 1.jpg

dragon age screenshot 20090306 2.jpg

dragon age screenshot 20090306 3.jpg

dragon age screenshot 20090306 4.jpg


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