Boom Blox Bash Party To Get Free DLC

In Boom Blox Bash Party you can upload and download player-created levels to your Wii without having to worry about friend codes.

The idea to create an accessible Electronic Arts database of player-created levels came to the team after perusing the extensive list of videos on YouTube showing interesting player created levels, said Amir Rahimi, senior producer on the game.

Players can quickly hop onto the server and browse through the levels with a number of different sorts, including how often a level was played, how high its rating is and when it was created, he said. And every game mode in Bash Party has a download option.

When you drop into the option you can click on any of the levels to play them without having to worry about saving them to your Wii. If you do like a level, you can then choose to download it to the console.

Rahimi said that the console could store hundreds of the levels in its memory with each level only a few K. He said the game won't support saving levels to SD cards because that feature came along too late for the developers to use.

The development team also plans to support the serves by creating and uploading their own levels after the game launches. The developer designed levels will be free, but he wasn't sure yet if they would be released individually or as packs.


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