Boston Mayor Now Hearts Gaming Biz Dollars

Boston Mayor Tom Menino has transmogrified from a do-it-for-the-children pol backing unconstitutional laws against video games to a guy touting that industry's heft in his city and its backyard.

Menino, a democrat, announced on Friday two initiatives to back the industry locally and encourage its growth there. First is, an industry networking site, and the other is a "steering committee" to provide a voice for and leadership among Boston-area developers, which include Harmonix, 2K Boston and Turbine.

Menino's own office says the Hub's game industry pours $200 million into the local economy and provides 1,500 jobs. So, even if a year ago he was equating games with porn and other media requiring strict sales regulation and penalties, he's now seen the light. Nine-figure estimates will do that, especially in a down economy. And hey, just because you call games porn doesn't mean they are. In the end, it's not like Delaware, which is considering legalized sports gambling just to make ends meet.

'Games as Porn' Mayor Backs Boston Games Industry [Edge Online via GamePolitics]


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