Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

Seafood taco.jpg

At last, another reader-submitted breakfast pic! Reader Paul H likes nothing better than wrapping his lips around a seafood taco in the morning. Strange man. (It doesn't even look like a seafood taco.)

Growing Up Games: When Will Mature, Mature?
Leigh Alexander ponders what we mean by adult or mature themes in games.

Is There Half-Life In The Box?
Viral for Episode 3 or Portal 2? Hmm...

PixelJunk Eden Encore, New Resistance 2 Content At GDC
Sony teases a bunch of new stuff at the Game Developers Conference.

Punch-Out!! Dated For Europe
Meaning an Australian release date shouldn't be too far behind.

Now The Mushroom Kingdom Is In Russian Doll Form
These are impossibly cute.


    Breakfast? Seriously? :\

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