British Sales Charts: Res 5 Breaks Records

Resident Evil 5 was released in the UK last week. It did... well. So well, in fact, that it outsold the rest of the week's top ten combined.

It was also the biggest-selling debut since Call of Duty: World at War. Those interested in a taste of a sales breakdown (ChartTrack sadly don't release hard numbers) between the two platforms, you should know that the 360 version accounted for 55% of Resident Evil 5 sales.




    Second week in a row where the chart is too fucking small to read... cant you guys make it bigger so it is legible?


    Fixed. (Now I have to do this every week. Grrr.)

    I'm still astonished as to Halo 3's continued sales in the UK.
    It's great!

    Of corse, with Halo Wars maybe a lot of people are buying Halo 3 aswell. But Halo 3 has been back in the Top 40 for a few weeks now charting as high as 25 i think.
    Halo 3 to me is a game that you wouldn't trade in - it is replayed due to its multiplayer. Some though, may have and are re-buying it, but with Halo being known for the Xbox its surprising me it is still selling well some time after it was released.

    Would love to see US Chart sales and see if it is selling decent numbers there too.

    Thanks David, and sorry for my profanity - I thought you would cut it out before approval!

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