Burnout Paradise Boost Specials Drop This Week

Burnout Paradise gets a boost this week with the release of the Boost Specials Collection, featuring two "ultra-performance boosting machines" to add to your collection.

Two cars make up the Boost Specials Collection. The first, pictured here, is the Carson Extreme Hotrod, which Criterion calls the fastest car in Paradise City. It features a new vehicle dynamics system, granting it more intuitive handling and better drifting than any car in the game.

The second was supposed to remain a secret, but a Microsoft error that listed the downloadable content earlier than intended revealed that it is the Hawker Mech 400, a car that can be modified to drive the way you want it to drive.

The Boost Specials Collection hits Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network this Thursday, March 9th 12th, as revealed by producer Matt Webster's Twitter. If the leaked data holds as true as it did for the Toy Cars Collection, it should ring up at 400 Microsoft Points, or roughly US$5.


    Thursday March 9, huh? Of what year.....?

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