Call Him Pikachoo Man

For better or worse, inflatable leather fetish goods maker Obsidian Design bring us this: Pikachoo.

The handmade inflatable latex rubber outfit is easy to inflate and deflate — apparently! Obsidian says that it's easy to breath through the Pikachoo head, and vision is made possible through the character's mouth.

From the Obsidian site: "Pikachoo is based on a popular japanese animee,manga character from a cartoon series in which he is simply described as an electric mouse. Although this costume is relatively simply in looks he is prehaps one of the most recognised of my range unmistakable in bright yellow with its thunder bolt tail."

We sure didn't recognise Pikachoo by the bulge in his pants.

Pikachoo [Obsidian Thanks, Adam!]


    uhh... he looks like that robot kid super hero from the animes.

    I would love to have this - perhaps there will be a fully inflatable suit made?

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