Capcom Based Business On Movie Studios, Not Game Studios

Few years back, Capcom underwent some pretty radical changes, and ended up restructuring as a company. But when time came to make the changes, they didn't model the new Capcom on an existing model.

Instead, as Capcom's Keiji Inafune explains, they looked outside of the games industry altogether:

I'd have to say, in a symbolic way, [our inspiration was]the movie industry. In the movie industry, investment decision-making is extremely severe. It involves production committees and numerous investors. But with the game industry, that hadn't been the case. I noticed these differences like these, observing what was happening with movies and anime. The same is true of other industries too. The more people I talk to, the more I find things that ought to be "givens", that we in the game industry didn't even see.

Sounds like somebody learned a lesson from a bunch of former employees burning through millions of dollars on a creatively-driven product that didn't make good business sense.

Keiji Inafune [Capcom]


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