Capcom Debit Cards Tiger Uppercut You With Bank Fees

Like the look of those Capcom pre-paid debit cards? You may want to take a finer look at the small print before you go rushing in and sign up for one.

Sure, it'd be neat to whip out a card with Ryu or Chris Redfield's mug on it while haggling over the counter at your local GameStop, but the following bank fees have been designed specifically for fools who rush in.

- To buy into the program, it's $10.

- Then there's a monthly fee of $5

- When you're out of cash and need to "reload" the card, that'll cost you another $5

- ATM charges are $0.25 per transaction (and that's not counting the fees on the ATM itself)

- If a transaction is declined? That's $0.50

- If you need/want to call to speak to customer service, it'll cost you $0.25 per minute to speak to a machine, and $1.50 on top of that if you want to speak to a human

- You're charged $10 for every overdraft on the card

- Closing the account will cost you $10

Best part? You'll even be charged for avoiding the above fees, as you're slugged $5 in "dormancy" fees if you don't spend any money.

Know the rules [Defend Your Dollars, via Consumerist]


    scam if i ever saw one

    Not really worried about these.... they're not getting released in Australia as far as I know.
    But the fees are a massive turn off if it was,

    ProTip: Get a Visa Debit card with suncorp and pay $15 to get a custom skin :)

    They wont know its breaking a copyright ;)

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