Cheat At Killzone 2, Lose Your PSN ID

Like any other popular online shooter, Killzone 2 has its share of cheaters. And, like many other popular online shooters, the developers are prepared to take drastic steps to stop said cheating.

Developers Guerilla Games have issued a curt, ominous statement on the matter, which reads:

Glitchers risk losing their PSN ID altogether. We've been quite lenient so far but that's going to change.

OK, so it's not that ominous. Because there's no money involved, a PSN ID isn't as valuable as, say, an Xbox Live one (though, as some have pointed out in comments, they'd probably lose any and all downloaded content as well). Then again, if you're keen enough to cheat, you're probably self-centred enough to care about your trophies, so hopefully the threat carries weight with some of the no-do-gooders.

[Killzone @ Twitter, via Destructoid]


    They aren't going to disable anyone's PSN account. As pointed out this would mean disabling access to downloaded content and therefore effectively taking your money simply because you've cheated in a video game that costs absolutely nothing to play. They would be facing mass legal action. Just because the TOS say something that doesn't mean it's passable under law, there are many cases in which these types of TOS notices have been ruled invalid in court because they aren't in line with the law.

    Closing peoples PSN IDs and preventing them from accessing content they paid for is just pathetic. I would be very surprised if it was legal. People are taking video games far too seriously, you don't pay to play and if you come across a cheater every now and then, big deal. It's a video game. It's not going to cause you any grief. Get over it.

    All they would have to do is lock out said PSN ID from loging into killzone servers.

    I applaud any genuine great hacking attempt by players to the glory of the Helgast Empire. Anyone that can find a way to hack mini nukes to exterminate the ISA, into the online game, will be richly rewarded beyond their wildest dreams!! Anyone that can hack the flamethrower and actual nuke explosion, reaction animations and screams into the multiplayer mode online; shall have the richest metals of the earth and helgast worlds beyond measure. Cheat on brave warriors cheat well!!!

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