Check Out This Bloodspattered iPhone Case

I've never seen Dexter and I don't own an iPhone — but these iPhone cases almost make me want to play the new game Marc Ecko is putting out on Apple's de facto console.

Dexter for the iPhone features Showtime's psychopathic killer character of the same name. Your job as the gamer is to help Dexter find, incriminate and kill bad, bad people which is somehow supposed to mitigate the fact that you're a murderer.

You'll have to wait a bit for my full hands-on preview. But as a preview to that preview, let me just say I'm on the fence about a 10 hour iPhone game. Don't get me wrong; in-depth stories sell games to people like me — but if I'm going to shell out $300 for a phone, wouldn't I want to use it for things besides gaming?


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