Class Of Heroes Held Back, Gets Summer School

Atlus informed us today that its PSP game Class of Heroes has been given a two month delay, making fans of Japanese role-playing games forlorn and us look like a bunch of no-good liars.

The publisher points to a "show-stopping bug" as responsible for the new June 9th release date in North America. Public relations professor Aram Jabbari proudly said "We will under no circumstance ship a product with foreknowledge of such an issue, and so we must delay the game to resolve the problem and deliver a final product to our fans that lives up to the high standards we aspire to and that they deserve."

We're OK with the delay, given the circumstances—they've certainly prepared us for it. But not a single new screen shot or shots of a plush dungeon pre-order bonus to make us feel better? Delays just don't get the attention they used to, I suppose.


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