Club Nintendo Has Launched! Or Has It?

Club Nintendo Has Launched! Or Has It?


Three weeks ago we were promised news on the much-delayed Australian launch of Club Nintendo. Well, while we still wait for that news, it seems Nintendo has made some progress.

If you go to you’ll be taken to the Club Nintendo Europe site where you can sign up for the loyalty scheme.

Except the registration process seems just a little broken right now.

I tried entering product codes for my copies of Mario Power Tennis and Trauma Centre: New Blood. Both were invalid. A friend’s copy of Mario Kart apparently worked, but another’s Pikmin was also invalid.

It’s clear Nintendo is still ironing out all the bugs, which would explain why we’ve not heard any official announcement. But you can access it now, so let us know how you get on.

Club Nintendo [Official site, thanks VOOKS!]


  • Bah, i entered the product codes from wii fit and all the other games i had ages ago and now i can’t find the pieces of cardboard. Typical.

  • I can’t register Mario Kart or Brawl. And it doesn’t remember my email from back when it semi-launched.

  • I just had a lot of success. I registered Wii Fit ages ago, and I resigned up today and was able to register Wii Fit again. All of my codes worked fine.

  • I managed to register mario kart, brawl and wii fit. However i also registered these codes on the semi launch page but it did not remember me at all. At least all the codes were accepted.

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