Codemasters' Dirt 2 Teaser A Bit Dirtier Than Expected

I'm not quite sure what a nearly naked woman taking a shower and cooking pork parts has to do with anything, but I suddenly feel like a little off-road racing.

It's definitely a teaser trailer; I'm just not sure what it is trying to tease. Arguably it's for Colin McRae: Dirt 2, the off-road and rally racing title from Codemasters, but I don't really feel that's what is being teased here. Can't quite put my finger on it. I suppose if I could I'd probably be too busy to write this. All I know for sure is that this is the last place I'd expect to have to use the NSFW tag.

Oh, and feel free to stop the clip when things go black. I think my video conversion software was just as confused as I was.


    I thought Colin McRae would only die once.
    RIP the man.
    RIP the game.

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