Competition: Win Your Own Nerdtastic Star Wars Vehicle

We told you to keep a look out and now it's your chance to win your very own official Star Wars Vehicle. Thanks to Brit manufacturers De Agostini, 5 clever Kotaku/Gizmodo readers will win a Star Wars Vehicle pack; including one of the first five issues of the SWV magazine and featured die-cast model. To score yourself one of these awesome packs, simply tell us in the comments section below, in 25 words or less; which is your favourite Star Wars vehicle and why.

So, put your pistons into overdrive and be inventive - the comp will be open to Gizmodo and Kotaku readers alike and only until March 27th.

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    AT-ST: They fall like dominoes and the empire should do a recall on them, because they're obviously not Ewok proof.

    My favourite vehicle is the Emperors Hover Chair in Return of the Jedi. . . Because Im lazy like that.

    The Death Star!! It has Planet destroying power, enough room for an entire city of people, and its driven by a guy in a slick black suit. Its like a limo but better.
    From the Star Wars Rap "Pull up on your planet death star drive by!"

    Endor Speeder Bike - nothing would help escape the daily grind like flogging through traffic on a speeder bike.

    the incom corp x-wing!! the vehicle of choice for rogue squadron and luke skywalker *and if its good enough for a jedi master then its good enough for me*
    a great combination of speed vs fire power plus the ability to switch between the 2 for versatility in a dog fight
    plus its brought down more star destroyers than any other snub fighter in the alliance/new republic fleet.

    *woah i totally got my geek on there..

    It's between the classic X-Wing and the Blockade Runner. Love a capital ship with pin up posters on the back of it's bridge.

    Without a doubt, it has to be the Millennium Falcon.

    Held together with Wookie sweat and luck, she isn't much to look at, but has everything you need to get you into and out of trouble with plenty of hidden compartments to hide in when she's stormed.
    Hell, It can even plot the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs, there is no competition

    Lambada shuttle its pimp enough for emperor, and was the one and only craft directly responsible for the fall of the empire.

    TIE fighter! Its cheap, it looks cool, and it makes that awesome swoosh sound. Also without it we wouldn't have any cool explosions.

    The J-type 327 Nubian Royal Starship.
    It may not have any weapons but its completely Chrome, so its as pimpin as Star Wars can get.
    That and Queen Amidala may come with it and that cant be bad either.

    The escape pod with C-3PO and r2d2, because it can't get any gayer then that.

    AT-ST for me - great for doing the shopping in, and no parking problems - just kick cars out of the way!

    RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor
    It's a cockpit with 2 giant Event Horizon engines strapped to it, the fastest fighter in the Rebel Fleet. Always wanted to fly one.

    Those huge jawa transports! Fit your whole crew in there with all your loot, to get to where you're going in *style*!

    Imperial Star Destroyer has the firepower to reduce a civilized world to ‘slag’ it carried out the Emperors’ mandate 'rule through fear and destruction'

    Speeder Bikes: Simple design and simple drivers, seriously as if you cover your face with your arms when you're about to hit a tree!


    Gotta say the t-16 Skyhopper, it's simply the best for bulls eying Womp rats back home on Tatooine.

    Definitely the AT-AT (All-Terrain Armored Transport). Heavy firepower, thick armor and great for hurting the morale of the enemy. "Target at maximum firepower!" - Veers.

    T-47 airspeeder, because of it's unconventional harpoon cable weapon. Topple huge AT-AT's with it or simply hang out your clothes to dry on it!

    Luke's Landspeeder in Episode IV. Great for getting power converters from Toshi Station whilst your family get immolated.

    The Death Star. Because its the freaking DEATH STAR!!

    Also, because I know if I had one of my very own, people would be less inclined to steal my parking spot, overtake me or tailgate me, I'd just blow them and their stinking Hummer back to the stone age...

    Jabba's ship , just like a schoolies cruise only with less women in bikinies being chained to slimy aliens.

    Those 4 legged tall creature like vehicles that the Ewoks managed to steal - they can shoot, crush and give u that much needed height.

    The At-At because it's legs are great for protecting you

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