Crytek Putting On A Warface?

Crytek, developer of Crysis and Far Cry, has registered trademarks for an upcoming project dubbed Warface. Whether that's a poorly named sequel to Crysis: Warhead, we don't really know at this point.

All we do know is that Crytek has protected the mark against the typical stuff: computer games software and electronic games, movies, instructional manuals, downloadable software, etc. The developer has also secured a new visual trademark, the eye seen above.

A second variation of that logo adds a "CE" in the Crytek logotype form, which may mean this is not a game (or at least a follow up to the console-exclusive Crysis: Warhead). Besides, why drop the fabulous "Cry" title worked into everything released so far?

Considering Crytek's recent expansion efforts, specifically picking up Free Radical and transforming them into Crytek UK, we won't be surprised to hear more from the company. Until then, speculate to your heart's content.

Warface [USPTO]


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