Dance Dance Revolution Steps Over To iPhone

Konami has served iPhone gamers Dance Dance Revolution S, a portable version of its fancy footwork rhythm game that trades in frantic legwork and perspiration for lots and lots of touchscreen tapping.

Gameplay is as straightforward as it gets, requiring players to tap four touchscreen arrows in time as they scroll by to the beat of shrill pop music. Konami promises "innovative new gameplay modes" which we'll assume to refer to the "Shake Mode" which uses the iPhone's built-in accelerometer.

Dance Dance Revolution S also has a "Lite" version, letting you demo the game's capabilities with a single song and lone dancer. The full version is said to pack 26 songs and 18 playable characters and will set you back $6.99 USD or whatever your local currency is.

Full disclosure: Dance Dance Revolution S may have actually been available for some time now, but Konami decided to actually tell us about it today, finally cluing us in to the wonders of DDR on the iPhone and iPod Touch. So, save those precious "Old!" and "Um, this has been out for weeks now." They're no good here.

Dance Dance Revolution S [iTunes]


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