Dark Void Setting Concept Art Explained

Capcom dumped a few pieces of concept art for their upcoming Dark Void title over on their Unity site, and walked through some of the ideas they were going for in creating the different settings.

In Dark Void, they say, they want players to be able to move from "lush jungle, to alien canyons floating in air, to high-tech super glossy alien architecture, to vertigo inducing heights, etc. We want the art palette to change and evolve with your progress through the narrative, in some ways serving as the visual backdrop for important plot points. So as you move through the game, expect a constantly changing backdrop to the combat carnage you unleash from the skies...."

dark void concept art 1.jpg

dark void concept art 3.jpg

dark void concept art 4.jpg

dark void concept art 5.jpg

dark void concept art 6.jpg

Dark Void - On the concept of conecpt art


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