Dead Rising 2 Aiming For 6000 Zombies On-Screen

Dead Rising was great not for the sluggish controls, or the annoying mission structure, or Frank. It was great because it had a zombie horde. Well, Dead Rising 2 is looking to trump that.

Speaking at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Izmeth Siddeek, from developers Blue Castle Games, reckons that "Dead Rising 2′ deal[s]with the rendering of the greatest number of characters ever seen in a video game. Everything else needed to be subordinated to this requirement".

Big claim. No easy way of substantiating it, of course, but the product manager for the software that's helping Blue Castle add so many zombies to the game says that they are "preparing to have as many as 6000 characters on the screen".

6000? On-screen at once? Oh yes.

'Dead Rising 2′ Is Supposed To Have Most Characters Ever... 6000? [GDC 2009] [MTV]


    i really like ur game because the people on the bikes are cool.
    by sammie

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