Did You Win Dawn Of War II?

dawn of war 2 artwork 20090218.jpg

Last week's Dawn Of War II competition has closed. Let's find out who were the five winners.


    I knew the gin-stealer joke was a winner as soon as I read it - congrats to the winners.

    Fine, I can take a hint. I'll take my puns back to Reddit, where they belong!

    Holy crap I won something! Thanks Kotaku! All my friends told me that joke was lame.

    Hmm. I've got a feeling the dirty jokes were ignored. Congrats to the winners for keeping it clean AND being funny.

    Oh hot DANG! When I win the Dawn of War II world tournament I will be sure to mention Kotaku in my acceptance speech.


    Well now you have Dawn of War 2, you don't need friends!

    Gin Stealer should have won all 5 copies.

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