Did You Win Halo Wars?

Did You Win Halo Wars?

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We had some Halo goodies to give away last week. Asked you to write a Halo themed haiku. The comp’s closed now, so let’s find out who won the main prize Xbox 360 console and the runners-up copies of Halo Wars.

And the winner of the main prize (Halo Wars Limited Edition game, Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 console and Halo 3 Legendary Edition game) is:
James C
Saving planet earth,
Chief fights through two galaxies.
Must pee in his suit.

The two runners-up, who each take home the Halo Wars Limited Edition game are:
James O’Connor
Korean copy;
Twenty bucks on Play Asia,
Don’t understand plot.

Am I really a noob?
I keep getting killed; they laugh;
they crouch on my face.

Congratulations guys, we’ll be in touch shortly to arrange delivery of your prizes. And thanks to everyone who entered and made selecting the winners such a difficult job. Look out for more competitions on Kotaku soon!


  • Perhaps you should check the definition of a Haiku and then re-think awarding Trent with 3rd place. “Am I really a noob?” – looks like 6 syllables to me.

  • Damn it. Trent did manage to sneak an extra syllable in there. What can I say? I’m a writer, not a mathematician…

    Still, he made me chuckle, and he did supply the best “teabagging” gag.

  • Woo! I mean… Woo? I was quite critical about my own counting of syllables when creating the Haiku, I think though I typed one of the first revisions without editing it… oh well.

    Thanks David =D

    Oh, well done to most of those who entered also, quite a few made me chuckle also =)

  • congrats winrars!

    anyone get a chuckle from mine?

    it was the one about, master chief being in ur base, capturing ur flag.

  • I spent all morning and part of the afternoon crafting a masterpiece that was poetic, relevant, humorous, and CORRECT ACCORDING TO HAIKU STRUCTURE, but hey whatever.

    Am I bitter? Yes.
    Bitter enough to cry? Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyes

    James O’Connor, why didn’t you buy a copy yourself? I know how much they pay per page for an article in Hyper. 😛

    JUST JOKES GUYS congratulations to the winners!

    Now I have to save up for a new XBox because Halo Wars doesn’t run on my launch XBox. *sob*

  • Nerje: Although by night I freelance for Hyper, by day I’m a poor Uni student who wanted to play Halo Wars but couldn’t justify the expense.

    Also, this is totally going on my resume. “Once came runner-up in a nationwide haiku poetry contest”.

  • This is going to come across really bad, please don’t take this the wrong way when I say this, but somebody has to keep you guys on your toes.

    I feel that this set a pretty bad precedent for future Kotaku contests. I know that the winners are entirely up to you, David, but hear me out:

    This is an excerpt from the ‘conditions of entry’ for this contest.

    “Now, what with the real-time strategy of Halo Wars being a more thoughtful take on the Halo universe, what better way to hold a comp than to get you thinking. To enter, we want you to write a Halo haiku.

    And that means three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables each.

    The most lyrical, poetic, downright funny or whichever takes our fancy will win. Just make sure it’s all about Halo.”

    Now let’s look at the winners:

    James C wrote an amusing haiku for sure. Managed to make a normally cheap urine reference witty. Worthy.

    However, James O’Connor’s wasn’t even about Halo and it was pretty specifically stated that it should be. It was about buying games from Asia. It really could apply to any game. I still think it’s a great haiku, very clever, but it’s a bit unfair to everyone who actually themed their haikus according to the guidelines of the competition. I would think that there were a lot of entries looked over because they were all “I really want to win this competititon!” instead of tackling the subject matter, but this one wasn’t.

    Trent’s entry wasn’t even a haiku. It’s a bit like someone playing Pictionary and then putting a random word in a speech bubble. It might be highly amusing to all involved but is it fair to grant them victory? Especially when everyone else put a lot of effort into drawing a picture of a blender. It’s just not Pictionary otherwise.

    To build on that, you actually linked to the wikipedia definition of haiku but didn’t take it into account in the judging process.

    You also mentioned that you would be looking at haikus that were lyrical, poetic and/or amusing. All three winners fell under the amusing category.

    What’s done is done, it would be very bad form to turn around to the winners and say “sorry but I take it back because I judged incorrectly” but the fact remains, you judged incorrectly. I know you said “whichever takes our fancy” but you can’t really lay out some guidelines and then decide that “whichever takes our fancy” actually ignores those guidelines. It’s a tad hypocritical.

    Once again, congratulations to the winners, they were certainly amusing. But please try and maintain some integrity when judging future competitions. I will be interested to see the winning entries for the I Heart Street Fighter comp.

  • Hey James O, don’t sweat it, I know. I was making a crack because I know how little they actually pay – if I was freelancing for Hyper for some cash, I would be begging for games too. 😀

  • Nerje: my haiku was actually about the Korean copy of Halo 3 I bought off of Play-Asia.com. I only paid $20AU for it, and all the menus are in English, but because all the dialogue was spoken in Korean, I didn’t understand the plot at all. I didn’t have enough syllables to go into more detail, you understand. :p

  • @Nerje

    I totally agree.

    Also, next time it would help to have the time that the comp closes in the actual post. Mine probably wouldn’t of been good enough anyway, but I realised I submitted it too late when it was… uh… too late. Just assumed that “Friday, March 20” was still Friday, March 20 even after 5pm.

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