DJ Hero Website Has Two Turntables And A Sign Up Form

Activision and RedOctane have thrown up an official web site for their upcoming music mixing rhythm game DJ Hero, complete with two turntables and a cheering Flash crowd.

It's more of a teaser website than anything else, with no sign of a logo and no information whatsoever. You've got your turntables situated in front of a cheering crowd, and should you touch said turntables the crowd cheers louder, making the whole thing a testament to the importance of having a sound off button on your website. Adding to the interactivity is a sign up box, where you can submit your information in order to be the first to know when new information is released about the game.

If you're interested, I would suggest turning down your speakers, hopping over to, submitting your information, and then fleeing as soon as humanly possible.


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