DJ Shadow, Daft Punk To Feature In DJ Hero

DJ Hero is coming later this year, but just what can we expect from the game's music? After all, "DJ" isn't as easy to pin down as "Rock Band" is.

It could mean Hip-hop. It could mean dance. It could mean electronica. It could even, at a stretch, include producers. Only the game's roster of artists and songs will settle the matter, and according to music site The Daily Swarm, the first of those artists have begun to surface.

Z-Trip is one of them, and like Activision's Guitar Hero series, he'll be available as a playable avatar. Daft Punk and Mixmaster Mike are also rumoured to be included, though "their participation remains unconfirmed".

Most promising is the site's claim that, according to a "source involved in the game's development", DJ Shadow will also be included in the game as a playable character. Putting the disappointing The Outsider to one side, including Shadow - and his music - will go a long way to endearing this game to just the kind of people Activision want to sell it to.

Exclusive: "DJ Hero" gets Z-Trip and DJ Shadow, dumps Tiesto [The Daily Swarm]


    This sounds like something I could get into. Guitar hero and Rockband are boring as hell unless you get to sing or drum.

    Dj Shadow would be a cool playable character but maybe they could get Qbert or Kid Koala in there for the turntablists. And for the record The Outsider was disappointing if you expected Shadow to do the same old shit but he went for something different and it's his music so he can do whatever he likes. I thought the tracks were pretty good for the genres they explored.


    I've been waiting for this ever since the last Beatmania!!

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