DSiWare Game Will Bring Manners To The Masses

If you've never been, you can probably still imagine: Japan is one polite country. A level of politeness like that isn't just "there", it's earned, and it's earned through hard work and diligent instruction.

This is Kuukiyomi. It's a DSiWare game (so you download it to your DSi), and will be out this Spring in Japan for 500 Nintendo Points (or USD$5). As you can see, it teaches you manners. The kind of manners you would have learned from your mother if you'd listened to her instead of playing so many damn video games.

[via Tiny Cartridge]


    lol'ing at お前.

    Kuukiyomi is also in Kyuukiyomenai, or KY. It's an abbreviation in Japan for people who literally "can't read the air," or can't understand the situation, or in general have terrible manners (more like selfishness/self-centeredness more than lack of understanding about proper etiquette).

    Then again, this doesn't teach you etiquette, either. It just tells you to realize your surroundings and don't be a dick.

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