EA Montreal Set For Game Reveal On March 12th

The developers of Army of Two and SSX On Tour (oh, and Boogie) are ready to announce their next title. What is it? You'll find out March 12th, according to an invite from Electronic Arts.

The publisher has invited local press to visit the offices of EA Montreal next Monday, then spill all embargoed beans on Thursday. Our best guess? It's an Army of Two sequel.

I mean, EA Games label president Frank Gibeau wasn't exactly vague about the prospect of a follow up to the co-op shooter, telling Variety last year that EA has a "sequel idea planned" for Army of Two. Plus, an Army of Two sequel was rumoured to have been announced in February, then called off due to weather. No, seriously!

Of course, EA Montreal may be pulling the lid off another title, perhaps another SSX or even a completely new franchise. But if we had to bet, well, it wouldn't be on another Boogie.

EA Montreal Announcing Mystery Game On March 12 [Shacknews]


    Oh dear god. Gamers of the world - what sins have you committed?? Another Army Of Two? As if the last wasn't a poor enough attempt at a shooter smothered in American patriotism - there's the prospect of another being released?

    May God have mercy on us all.

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