Empire: Total War Patch Hits Steam

Turn-based strategy computer game Empire: Total War has been beleaguered with issues since launch. There have been crashes to the desktop, or corruptions in your game that stop campaign progression.

Loads of users on Valve's content delivery system Steam have been having problems with the game, and Valve has been reticent on the issues. Until now. Valve's issued notice of an Empire: Total War update that will automatically be applied when your Steam client is restarted.

Changes include:

• Multiplayer - can now find friends across regions
• Load time detection on trade routes to fix pathfinding crash in campaign
• Some General Sound balancing improvements
• Fixed UI Chat hang when spectator leaves unranked match with 3+ players
• Varies Campaign Crash Fixes
• Some Save/Load fixes
• Boarding fix where cannon crew board order was not being deleted properly causing crash
• Fix to kill characters instantly to stop crashes in campaign on agent/general deaths
• Save games limited to 1000
• Fix to animation glitch causing repetitive sounds when battle is launched

Empire: Total War Update Released [Steam News]


    No comments on this patch? Has no one else already started a new campaign after waiting for this patch, only to get far enough just to get completely denied by a late game end turn CTD? I should've known, though. Three campaigns destroyed consecutively - all CTD, sometimes unit selection, eventually end turn. However this time, a load of a previous save led me to actually believe...maybe this patch actually FIXED something! Just.. may..be! But no - I managed to keep playing that third campaign, for some time before the endturn CTD totally screwed that one up too. So much for third time's a charm. For crying out loud is it too much to ask to spend a fair share of cash on a game that works?? I've never *not* been able to actually *complete* a campaign on a game that was just released before. Seriously, if I bought any other product on the market that was this terrible, especially after all these "fixes", I would've turned it back for a refund a long time ago. What a tragic shame, cause I was about as hyped up about this game as anyone else. And how hyped I was actually playing this gloriously overwhelmingly awesome game, at least, until.. WHITE SCREEN, CTD!! Thank you come again! Totally lame. So what now, wait another couple of weeks for another patch that serves as much use as water to some poor drowning sod? Anyway. Not to sound too jaded, but I am. If anyone has actually completed a campaign, wow, I envy you. I've successfully wasted countless hours, that's about all. So much for global domination. Anyway..

    most, if not all ctd's (the white screen, loading battles, loading maps, end turn etc..) are mainly caused becuase your pc is not powerfull enough. mainly your graphics card is not good enough. the game says 256 mb minimum graphics but that wont cut it ( not suprising, you should always want to go beyond minimum)
    sure their is problems with memory leaks around the game, but its all solved simply by having a graphics card that is powerful enough to handle this game. these ctd's are mainly the users fault. get a better machine

      I'm a computer tech, I spent several days setting this game up so that it dosen't crash and so that it runs smoothly. Did all of the recommeded fixes, dropped back nvidia driver version, 2gig memory barrier fix etc. --And, the good news, I have it working great with fairly high grafix. It looks fantastic! It took some tweaking/research, so it is possible to get it going like you would expect it to; However, at this point/date I wouldn't recommend this game to say....my dad; he would have never got it going! But I have to say that "Simon" is right. I've played these games since the Rome version; I rarely play online. The campaigns, are important to me. So now I'm on turn 56 and everytime I go to the next turn now, it wont finish.. then white screens. Tried everything possible, I can't get passed it. I have a quad-core q6600, with a 8800GT NVidia card, so "Jack" how do you explain that with your comment above?? I think that I meet the requirments easy, and graphically it runs great/not choppy.. ever; even with thousands of units on screen. This is a fixable glitch in my opinion. I hope they fix this game soon.

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