Empire: Total War Ships, Will Celebrate With Upcoming Patch

Empire: Total War has been out a little over 24 hours and already Creative Assembly is planning a patch for next week. Remember when "release date" meant the game was done?

Total War forum complaints call out issues with the trade route system that occur when shipping goods with some factions to some cities. There are also hiccups with the Steam distribution, but Creative Assembly says that these are not issues caused by the game.

The new patch will fix the bug as well as "a few stability problems and improve upon Empire's general performance," says Creative Assembly Communications Director Kieran Brigden.

Brigden's post also says:

We fully intend to support Empire consistently post-release. We're very appreciative to everyone thats bought the title and you deserve our continued support as a result. Therefore I can confirm that we are currently working on a patch that will be automatically rolled out via Steam, sometime next week.

There is a patch schedule that means regular patches will be appearing after this point.

Empire: Total War won't be the first game to be patched just days after release—or day of—but nor will it be the last.

Official: Empire: Total War Support [via Shacknews]


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