Erotic Game Promoted With A Sword

Erotic game makers have it tough. In a market saturated by skin, they need more than simple T&A to grab players attention. They need... LIFE-SIZED SWORDS.

In the discerning games floor (the 5th floor!) of Akihabara retailer Sofmap, there's a display for Seiken no Fairies (The Heavenly Sword of Fairies). The display even features an engraved plaque. A game with swords promoted with a sword? Makes sense.

While other ero game makers use obvious trappings like perennial favourite boobs, the game developer's attention grabber is both brilliant and classy: The last thing you'd expect to see on the 5th floor of this store is a life-sized sword. (Granted, there are other things you wouldn't expect to see as well.)

The game is an 18-and-up adult game for PCs — check out the game's NSFW site right here and its NSFW opening movie right here.

「聖剣のフェアリース」小花川ゆりの聖剣"GEORGIUS" 他各店特典 [AkibaOS]


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