Ever Wonder How Much Money Game Executives Make?

Having dug through the various filings submitted by companies last year, The Game Trade Journal have compiled a list revealing how much the top video game executives made last year.

How much? Let's just say Activision boss Bobby "What, Me Worry?" Kotick won't be sleeping on the street any time soon. Or, for that matter, sleeping on a bed that isn't made of gold-edged goose feathers.

Last year he made an astonishing $14.9 million, of which $900,000 was his actual salary, with the rest made up of bonuses and stock options.

That's a lot more than rival John Riccitiello, of Electronic Arts, made, as he "only" pocketed $5 million. $750,000 of that was his salary, $3.6 million in stock options and a bonus of $625,350. Imagine how much money he makes when the company has a good year!

Other high-flying executives include GameStop CEO Dan DeMatteo ($4.9 million) and THQ boss Brian Farrell (2.7 million), with a few more listed below.

What Game Industry CEOs Make [Game Trade Journal, via Evil Avatar]


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