Fallout 3: The Pitt - Now With More Trogs

Three new screenshots for Fallout 3's upcoming The Pitt downloadable content introduce us to the Trogs, scampering, light-fearing mutants that want to eat your face.

The Trogs are actually creatures that were supposed to appear in Black Isle Studio's canceled Fallout 3 project, Van Buren, characterised as a race of mutant hillbillies that holed up in caves when the bombs struck. Centuries of darkness and slow exposure to radiation changed them into yellow-skinned creatures of the night, the Trogs. The Fallout 3 Trogs look much different than the concepts for the Van Buren Trogs, which can be found over at the Fallout Wiki. Between the two, I'm hard-pressed to tell you which frightens me more.

fallout 3 the pitt screenshot 20090306 1.jpg

fallout 3 the pitt screenshot 20090306 2.jpg


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