FigurePrints Making World Of Warcraft Statues For Europe

European World of Warcraft players can now order their own custom character statues, as FigurePrints announces the international expansion of their innovative service.

Launched in 2007 by, The FigurePrints service, which takes game data from World of Warcraft and creates a 3D statue of a player's character, has proven wildly popular with North American World of Warcraft fans. Now former Microsoft VP of Game Publishing and FigurePrints CEO Ed Fries is bringing the service overseas.

"When we launched FigurePrints in North America we were overwhelmed by the interest from the World of Warcraft community. With the expansion of FigurePrints into Europe, we have the experience and scale to bring our custom figure business to more players than ever before."

European customers can now visit the FigurePrints website and purchase their own custom character statue for 129,95 Euros plus shipping, taxes and duties. Just make sure you wear something nice before they fetch your data, or you'll have an eternal reminder of your inability to collect a matching set of armour.


    Any word if they ship to Australia yet? The FAQ mentions the Oceanic servers a couple of times but doesn't specifically state that they do it. A friend had to ship his to an American guildy when he did it a while back, which is why I'm asking.

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